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Here are some frequently asked Questions:


  • What is IRC?
  • What is Undernet?
  • What is mIRC or Pirch?
  • Where can I get mIRC or Pirch?
  • OK I got mIRC how do I chat?
  • What is a channel?
  • How do I join a Channel?
  • What is the @ or + in front of peoples nams?
  • Can I have ops?
  • Can I have voice?
  • Are there any rules?

    What is IRC?

    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It consists of a number of servers installed with IRC software which are connected together and allows people across the globe to talk in real time with each other.

    What is Undernet?

    Undernet is a network of IRC servers. There are others ie Dalnet and EFnet. You can view the undernet home page here.

    What is mIRC or Pirch?

    mIRC and Pirch are programs which allow you to connect to IRC servers. (commonly called IRC Clients) mIRC is the favoured by most due to its ease of use. There are other forms of irc Clients, but mIRC and Pirch are the most well known.

    Where can I get mIRC or Pirch?

    mIRC -
    Pirch -

    OK I got mIRC, How do I chat?

    The first time you start mIRC you have to fill in a bit of info
    Start mIRC and click File -> Options
    Fill in Real Name (Anything you want except for your real name)
    Fill in e-mail address (anything you want again. I choose
    Fill in Nickname (a name you would like to be called on IRC)
    Fill in Alt Nickname.
    Scoll the servers until you find a network you like, I use Undernet
    Click 'Connect to IRC'

    You are now connected to an IRC server

    What is a channel?

    A channel is like a room. There are many channels on an IRC network You can get a list by clicking on the list channels button on the toolbar. Channels always start with a #

    How do I join a channel?

    There are a number of ways to join a channel. If you listed the channels then double click on one in the list. If you know a channel you want to join, just type /join [channel] eg /join #chatz

    What is the @ or + in front of peoples names?

    The + means that the person has a voice. If the channel was 'Moderated' then only the @'s and +'s could talk. Not many people moderate channels. It tends to draw people away. The + sign is near enough redundant.

    The @ sign before a name means that the person has Op Status. An op can kick, ban, voice, and op other users in the channel. Ops will only ban as a last resort, if people constantly break channel rules, or cause a nusance to other users. In #chatz we have our rules set out on the web page, and soon on the 'BOT' in the channel.

    Can I have Ops?

    This question is asked a lot, in all channels on all networks. Most ops will immediately kick the person asking. Asking for Ops is a big nono. You can only get Ops if you are a regular visitore to the channel and are trusted by the channel ops and/or owner. It took me well over 2 years to gain ops in one channel.

    Can I have Voice?

    I personally dont see a problem with everyone haveing a voice. Its not used in any way in #chatz. Other channels do use voice as a kind of heirachy. Its basically up to the operators online at the time.

    Are there any rules?

    Most channels have rules. If you want to know what they are, then ask in the channel. On #chatz we have rules, you can view our rules here or when you join the channel, the service (ro)Bot will inform you of them.